brianBrian Bennett is a former Ambassador to Belarus in Minsk (2003 to 2007) and author of “The Last Dictatorship in Europe: Belarus under Lukashenko” (Hurst, 2011). He is also Administrator of the H R Taylor Trust, a charity supporting music in schools and amateur choirs and orchestras in Surrey.



Vasil EvdokimovVasil Evdokimov is a former lecturer in law at the Belarus State University in Minsk. He is also a former chairman of Association of Belarusians in Great Britain as well as a former chairman of  Anglo-Belarusian Society. Before starting his own legal practice Vasil worked for a major international law firm in London.


Council Members 

Karalina Mackievič, Andrej Vyšadok, Yaraslau Kryvoi, Alan Flowers, Mikalaj Pačkajeū (ex officio, Chair of ZBVB), James O’Connor (ad personam, Consultant).

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